Next Semester

Winter break, as always, is beginning to get a little long in the tooth. I’ve long forgotten the actual day of the week, and even if I could remember they all blend together anyway. I am, however, looking forward to getting back to work. Of course, I’m not referring to school work.

Wait for the Drop, my latest film, was a greater success then I could have ever predicted. Such personal achievement leads to only one end; the next project. A project more ambitious, technically challenging, and most importantly; a project with strong narrative elements i.e. a good story. The latter of the list is the nut I have yet to crack, but we’re getting there.

I have two ideas for this semesters. The first: make another long form project that is roughly 15-25 minutes in length. Or the second: create a series of shorter, 2-4 minute, pieces that are released more frequently throughout the semester. I should have this dilemma solved by the end of break.