Making Moves…

I’m really excited to announce Take2Films next project. This summer I’ll be working with {r}evolution Apparel on their west coast summer tour. I’ll be shooting a wide range of video for {r}evolution, from interview to documentary. Needless to say I’m extremely excited about the project in general, if not just for the fact I’ll be spending my summer traveling up and down the west coast. I can’t wait to share the experience with all of you and make some really great video along the way. 

Make sure you check out  for information about the company, they’re doing some really great things over there. 

The Next Project: Short Comedy

Take2Films is very excited to be jumping into the world of comedy. In 2 weeks, Take2 will begin producing its first comedy short; in conjunction with Wavy Gravy Films. Of course, the details will remain under intense secrecy for the time being, but I’m hoping this will be a short film everyone can enjoy. Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping you update will details every step of the way. 

Next Semester

Winter break, as always, is beginning to get a little long in the tooth. I’ve long forgotten the actual day of the week, and even if I could remember they all blend together anyway. I am, however, looking forward to getting back to work. Of course, I’m not referring to school work.

Wait for the Drop, my latest film, was a greater success then I could have ever predicted. Such personal achievement leads to only one end; the next project. A project more ambitious, technically challenging, and most importantly; a project with strong narrative elements i.e. a good story. The latter of the list is the nut I have yet to crack, but we’re getting there.

I have two ideas for this semesters. The first: make another long form project that is roughly 15-25 minutes in length. Or the second: create a series of shorter, 2-4 minute, pieces that are released more frequently throughout the semester. I should have this dilemma solved by the end of break.

Wait for the Drop” is a documentary that follows the life of Evan Slagle as he tries to establish himself in the world of DJ-ing. DJ Vibe Lime (Evan) began DJ-ing about 4 years ago and has been working his way to recognition by playing local clubs in Baltimore and expanding his reach to areas such as DC and South Carolina.

The documentary was a project for my Documentary Traditions class at Loyola University Maryland.

Cast- Evan Slagle (DJ Vibe Lime)
Directed, Filmed, Edited by Stephen Celano

Filmed on
Canon T2i/550D 18-55mm and 50mm f1.8
iPhone 4S

Edited in
Adobe Premiere CS5.5 and Adobe After Effects CS5.5 

Presented by Take2Films

Documentary Update #6: The Release

Well, it has been a long time coming but at midnight on December 14th I released the final cut of Wait for the Drop. As of now (8:40pm) the film has over 500 hits on Vimeo. That’s an unreal number for me considering many of my videos don’t reach 60 in the first week and seem to peak around 400 after a year. So that might put how crazy this is in perspective. 

The response to the documentary has been fantastic, and I would like to thank everyone who linked the video on there pages (there is no higher compliment). It’s nice to get wrapped up in the praise and the view count but any video always seems like a work in progress. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I set out to make the documentary but I couldn’t be happier with result. My goal is and will always be to tell good stories and go beyond simply “looking nice.” There’s definitely work to be done in process of storytelling and really constructing a strong narrative but time should effectively take care of that. Until then I’ll take some time to soak this one in but I’m sure in a few days I’ll be ready for the next project.

…I wonder what it will be. 

Documentary Update #2: Joy in the Journey

Over the past two months I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life, and I owe it all to the documentary. Working on this project has more than reaffirmed my love for film making. It is a beautiful process. I like to create films in stages. Essentially, I’ll take months off from even touching a camera in order to dedicate take to relearning the technical and fundamental aspects of making a film. After that time passes, I like to aggregate all of that knowledge and funnel it into a single project. This project is the culmination of that study. It is the opportunity to bring these ideas together and create a project that is truly my own. The film has become my world, and I much prefer it that way. Just last night (November 6th) I began the process of sorting through the video I shot over the past month or so. A demanding task to say the least. Sifting through all of this video to find just the right shots to tell the story is has been a more difficult task than I previously imagined. Although, I can’t say there is anything else I would rather be doing. I was able to put together the opening scene last night. It’s great. Only 19 more minutes left. Stay tuned.

Documentary Update #1: …thus far

The documentary has begun (…or began). Over the past month I have been collecting interviews and raw footage for my upcoming documentary. The film will be done by the second week of December and it has already proven to be my biggest filming challenge/learning experience. I won’t discuss the subject of the film because I’m still working on developing a narrative. In short, I am discussing/posting (and will continue to post every so often) a public journal of what I’ve learned from this experience…thus far.

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The Prologue

I just finished shooting a trailer/prologue for a new film I’m going to be working on over the summer. I’m trying to have the editing done by Wednesday but I already know this week is going to be crazy with work. Hopefully I’ll have it done by Wednesday before I go back home, or else it’ll have to be moved to next week… which wouldn’t be fun for any of us.